Thought Miller


Thought Miller


It has been widely employed by engineers, architects and mathematicians for centuries. It can be used to draw and calculate ellipses, or simply to pass time. It has many names: “The Ellipsographe”, “Trammel of Archimedes” and even the “Do-Nothing Machine”. In the hands of Bensen, this intricate apparatus proves to be more than just a toy of a rich past.

Written by Heng Yiwei


The Thought Miller first began from a story by a friend of Bensen, Professor Freddy Bruckstein.

Professor Bruckstein stopped by Bensen’s workshop one day and shared with him a story about a Monk in Israel who was making a “Do-Nothing Machine”. This instrument comprised of two shuttles trammelled to perpendicular channels. The shuttles moved only in two directions along the channels: front-back and side-to-side, as if drawing a cross. A rod was attached to the shuttles by pivots, acting as a handle for wheeling. The magic of this instrument is revealed when the rod was wheeled, tracing out a perfect elliptical path in the air. Fascinated by the unexpected outcome, Professor Bruckstein bought a dozen of these instruments from that Monk as special gifts to his family and friends.

After Professor Bruckstein wrapped and gave away the last “Do-Nothing Machine”, he discovered that the Monk had already made his transition to his Creator. Professor Bruckstein realised that death is imminent to the living, and decided to live his life as a Husband, Father and Academic to the fullest.

Professor Bruckstein then drew out the instrument on Bensen’s whiteboard, which immediately intrigued Bensen. Wasting no time, Bensen started making his own little ‘Do-Nothing Machines’. Over time, Bensen had refined the prototypes and made twelve unique pieces from different kinds of hardwood. He displayed them proudly in his workshop and since then had captured the interest of many visitors.

Bensen decided to name it the Thought Miller, as it reflects the life lessons he gained from both the Monk and Professor Bruckstein. Bensen hopes that through the steady and therapeutic wheeling of the Thought Miller, it can calm one’s mind in times of unrest. In times of lassitude, the Thought Miller can also inspire and stimulate one’s thoughts through its stable and restorative rotations. The Thought Miller is a symbol of status and class; a deserving gift to only the most esteemed individuals.


Each Thought Miller is handcrafted and unique, embodying Bensen’s aspirations, thoughts and effort. Every nook and curve is carefully thought out and carved out for stability, yet elegance and beauty. The wood is polished to a gentle lustre, enhancing the Thought Miller’s charm.

The Thought Miller comes in a special wooden box carved out of one piece of solid hardwood. The shape of the box resonates with the elliptical outline that the Thought Miller creates, with its inlay made out of the finest velvet. The natural beauty of the wood grain emanates through its rich, luscious colour, making the wooden box an exquisite handiwork itself.

The Thought Miller is a perfect present for any special occasion that requires superior quality and uniqueness. This little instrument can soothe one’s mind and can also inspire one’s thoughts, satisfying one’s intellectual need. It is a precious gift befitting high achievers who have accomplished their life goals and possess everything that they could possibly think of. For sure, they are going to be amazed by receiving this invaluable gift.

Make the Thought Miller yours today.