Wooden Slatwall


Wooden Slatwall


With panels of wooden slats, wooden inserts and some screws, Bensen single-handedly created an easily customisable, elegant and functional storage space. From a tool shed to a bookshelf, the Wooden Slatwall is the ideal solution to all your storage problems.

Written by Heng Yiwei


Like all invention that emerges while solving a problem, the Wooden Slatwall is no exception. The birth of the Wooden Slatwall began when a friend came to look for a storage solution for his scores of books. An avid lover of books, he met with the predicament that a regular bookshelf had fixed spaces that could not fit his books perfectly. With books of different thickness and heights, the shelf’s space was not used efficiently. His friend desired to have a customisable shelf to organise his books.

Back then; Bensen’s father owned a construction company in the Netherlands. Intrigued by the problem, both father and son set out to help the friend. Thus, the Wooden Slatwall was conceptualised with versatility and stylishness in mind. The slatwall grows with one’s inventory; giving the luxury to add on more shelves as needed and to shift the position freely. This unique customisable component makes the Wooden Slatwall a great storage solution to all rooms, homes and offices.


The Wooden Slatwall is a perfect shelf for any purpose, be it a tool hanger, a bookshelf or even a kitchen panel. It consists of long strips of wooden slats aligned parallel to each other, with uniform space in between each slat. Within the space, wooden wedges can be inserted to form a shelf, which items can be placed onto it or hung from the edge of the shelf. The weight of the items will hinge the shelves perfectly in between the wooden slats, preventing the shelf from falling out.

A unique feature of the Wooden Slatwall is that users can directly insert the wooden wedges perpendicular to the face of the panel. Existing slatwalls found in retail industries only allow users to slide in hooks from the sides into the grooves. This becomes troublesome when altering the positions of the hooks, as the entire row has to be removed before making changes. This problem is averted in the Wooden Slatwall as each individual wedge can be easily extracted and shifted around to one’s satisfaction without affecting the others next to it. To add on more storage space, simply insert more wooden shelves.

Over the years, Bensen has been improving the design of the Wooden Slatwall. There are only 3 of these elegant pieces of furniture in the world, one hanging in his workshop in Singapore, another one in his home in Milan, Italy. The last piece is a special gift to Nanyang Technological University for their support given to Bensen while building up PABensen Pte. Ltd., which is proudly displayed in the Open Innovation Lab. Although the Wooden Slatwall is currently not in the market, Bensen will be pleased to share some tips with those who are interested!

Come experience the Wooden Slatwall for yourself!