The Scientist

Pina Marziliano-Bensen

The Scientist.

The Mathematician.

Pina Marziliano-Bensen is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her area of expertise is in digital signal and image processing in the field of biomedical and multimedia systems. Trained as a mathematician, Marziliano is a meticulous and methodical thinker with a deep keenness for learning.

While most people would think of scientists as uncreative, Marziliano has an artistic side to her. She enjoys photography and in the past, she has taken up art classes, such as painting and ceramics. However, Marziliano’s true passion and talent lay in the culinary field, which her friends and family greatly appreciate her for it as well. To Marziliano, the world of art transports her to another realm where she finds tranquillity and repose. Her appreciation in the arts has made her recognise the aesthetic beauty in the equations and geometry in mathematics, motivating her to become a better mathematician and educator.

Marziliano’s approach to life is to constantly challenge herself, pushing herself to the limit and gaining valuable knowledge from the experience. Marziliano embodies the spirit of “Always Trying”. Her entrepreneurial personality propelled her to establish PABensen together with Bensen – an exciting and novel life journey travelled with her significant other.

In PABensen, Marziliano plays the role of a seeker – always finding new projects and opportunities for PABensen to embark on. With PABensen’s philosophy of bridging Art and Science, Marziliano offers innovative concepts and fresh perspectives, adding on a twist to their works.

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