The Noble Lounger


The Noble Lounger


A lounge chair designed for the human body, infused with iconic features of the Adirondack chair yet with a personal touch by Bensen. The Noble Lounger is a robust and charming lounge chair, an expression of superiority and elegance.

Written by Heng Yiwei


The Noble Lounger is one of the many acclaimed works by Bensen. It was first conceptualized while Bensen was living on one of the Caribbean islands, belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. With a myriad of outdoor activities happening around him, Bensen observed a problem: there was a lack of comfortable lounge chairs for people. He hoped to design a lounge chair in which people “can sit in it for hours, without having any soreness.” Greatly influenced by the idea of “kingdom”, Bensen envisioned the chair to be majestic, giving it the name: The Noble Lounger.

Bensen designed The Noble Lounger with the human body in mind. Well-thought curves are angled with precision to provide back and leg support to the user when reclining back, perfectly capturing the comfort based on the contours of the human body. The wide seating space allows users to nestle in the chair. Users may even sit sideways, resting their back and knees in the deep arcs in the armrests. The armrests also serve another purpose: a side table to place drinks or magazines. Bensen describes the chair as a “multi-purpose chair with an ergonomic twist”.

Bensen takes pride in providing the best quality of workmanship, insisting on crafting each chair personally. He flies to Bali to pick out only the finest teak for The Noble Lounger, then sets off a laborious process of sanding down the raw pieces of wood back at his workshop in Singapore. For each stage, Bensen polishes with increasingly finer grade of sanding papers. This process could take up to six times till he achieves the desired result. Bensen then finishes the wood with at least three coats of Danish oil that protects the wood naturally. The Noble Lounger is a harmony of ergonomic comfort and functionality, a lounge chair handcrafted to perfection.



The Noble Lounger is built entirely out of teak and is ideal for outdoors. Teak is a long-lasting hardwood that is naturally resistant to harsh elements and impervious to rot and termites, a material perfect for extreme climates. The handpicked teak has a thickness of at least 2cm, contributing to the chair’s resistance to rot and damage. The Noble Lounger is built using single planks of solid teak for both sides of the chair, which is a unique feature. Unlike usual teak planks joined together by gluing pieces of teak, solid teak does not fall apart with time, which is a guarantee of The Noble Lounger’s superior quality and durability.

Danish oil, rather than chemical-based film finish, is used in The Noble Lounger. Instead of forming a coating on the wood, Danish oil gets absorbed into the wood more easily, nourishing it from the inside. The oil showcases the natural beauty of the wood grain with its rich, luscious colour. Over time, the golden-brown lustre of teak will gradually turn into its distinctive soft silvery gray patina. This beautiful silver-gray colour allows The Noble Lounger to blend in well with different outdoor settings, and is very easily maintained. To restore its sheen, users can simply wash the chair with mild soap and warm water, and letting it dry before reapplying the Danish oil.

While teak is naturally impervious to elements, the chair is still subjected to wear and tear over time, especially at the feet supports. Decay may occur, which can spread from the feet support to the entire chair. As a solution to this potential problem, Bensen has cleverly incorporated slip-on bases for chair’s support. Inspired by the concept of sloffens – warm, house slippers that protect the feet from the cold, Bensen added in these slip-on bases to protect the chair from damage. In the case when decay begins at the base, users can easily replace the slip-on bases without having to purchase a brand-new chair, saving time and cost.

The Noble Lounger is not simply a piece of furniture; it is an expression of class, longevity and superiority. It encapsulates Bensen’s passion for art and dedication to providing optimum quality of his work. Every curve, arc and element is handcrafted for comfort and convenience, and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor setting.

Relax in the comfort of The Noble Lounger for yourself.