Concept, Lighting

An avant-garde lamp conceptualized by Bensen and co-developed with a team of IEM students from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NTU, Singapore. The result: a social-oriented lamp, which runs by an app remote, bringing you an all-in-one experience of light and acoustic indulgence.

Written by Toh Shi Ting


The project started out as a friend’s request to design a lamp that is controlled by an application. The idea interested PABensen, but with the myriad of existing app-controlled lamps in the market, it was not enough to satisfy their innovative minds. PABensen understands that as the world grows increasingly connected and interactive, designers are faced with the constant need to produce products, which are more extensively integrated into our daily lives. This was how Bensen came up with the idea of the SociaLight, a lamp that not only serves to shine but answers users’ needs for acoustic entertainment.

The SociaLight is a revolutionary and forward-looking device that infuses the concept of the Internet-of-Things, in hope of bringing about a more engaging experience for the user. PABensen’s foresight and knowledge in science and arts has made us one of the pioneers within the industry, and the SociaLight is a perfect example of our commitment in incorporating technology and arts in our products. In fact, the SociaLight has been chosen to participate in ProtoIoType, an Internet-of-Things-inspired product and design exhibition as a part of an external programme of the Sydney Design Festival 2014. The SociaLight showcases PABensen’s expertise to the international design community.

The SociaLight is the result of an Industry-Sponsored Final Year Project proposed by PABensen to final-year students at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. PABensen believes strongly in contributing to the society at large, and playing our role in nurturing budding talents around us, especially within the NTU community.



Inspired by the connectivity of life in deep-sea creatures from his subsea engineering days, Bensen designed the lamp to resemble a globe with intertwining axis made out of recycled bamboo rattan strips. The bamboo rattans will eventually be replaced by optical fiber and the design works to facilitate the transmission of sound waves in the direction of the audience. Fiber optic was specifically chosen as the main building material, as it prevents overheating and ensures energy maximisation. To top the greenness of the product, LED was also picked as the lighting component. Furthermore, fitted with the latest directional speakers, users may control the direction of the sound waves, through the mobile application synced up with the lamp, to enjoy a more focused entertainment experience.

Designed with the user’s ever-changing needs in mind, the SociaLight allows the user to adjust the intensity of the light and choose the colour (from the RGB colour palette) to suit the ambience intended. More than its practical benefits, the lamp in fact doubles up as a beautiful and elegant piece of art. Bensen’s artistic instinct has made the lamp look like an ornament of display and admiration. Placing one of them within your homes, restaurants, bars or even hotels can definitely inject a sense of class and liven up the environment with its unique design. More crucially, it encapsulates PABensen’s vision of the SociaLight as a communal apparatus to bond users with its melodic accompaniment. As the SociaLight is constantly evolving, PABensen welcomes interested parties to participate in this venture.

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