Signage of NTUitive in Launchpad @ One North, Block 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore

The NTUitive signage is partly made out of the wood from the trees growing on the NTU Yunnan garden campus.

The idea behind reusing the trees was, to give them a second life in or around the building where they were once standing.

This is the first time that the wood has been used outside the NTU campus.

But still in the satellite building in use of the NTU.

As you can see, the signage is made out of wood and stainless steel metal-sheet . The metal plate stands for protection in the sense of the original values and principals by the NTU in Jurong.

The horizontal bar of the T from NTU is elongated. It symbols a roof, in this case it shows that NTUitive as a whole owned company under the roof of NTU.

The two red dots who sticking out of this signage are the 2 landmarks or pillars. One is the original NTU and the other Block 79 with an invisible line that connects the two.