Illusion Exhibition 2015

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Illusion Exhibition 2015


Illusion Exhibition 2015

Exhibition dates: August 16-30, 2015 (daily 11am-8pm)

Location : The Fullerton Hotel, #01-08, 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

Illusion Exhibition is an inaugural showcase of original sculptures and prints by Dutch artist and designer Peter Arnoud Bensen.  Curated by PABensen, the artwork revolves around the themes of perspective and illusion, drawing us towards his pieces with mesmerising tricks of the eye. Using pyramids, cubes and spirals, Bensen demonstrates how these basic shapes morph into different entities by a shift of perspective. Bensen describes this peculiar experience as “shape-shifting”. Sculpture has always had the distinction of being something experienced while moving around the artwork. In Illusion, we constantly engage with our senses of sight and perception while moving towards, across and around the sculptures.

The Opening event Illusion Fiesta took place on Tuesday, August 18th 2015, 6pm with Guest of Honour H.E. Jacques Werner Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore.

Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the Exhibition, the artist hosted the Illusion Walk-Through and shared with the public the inspiration behind each artwork.

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