Golden Heart


Using the themes of perspective and illusion, Bensen brings to us a series of original sculptures and prints, drawing us towards his pieces with mesmerising tricks of the eye. The highlight of this original Illusion Series is none other than the Golden Heart.

Written by Heng Yiwei


The Golden Heart plays on the concept of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Spiral. The Fibonacci sequence is as old as time. It is the ground principle for all elements striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art. From this string of numbers comes the Golden Spiral, an aesthetic ideal for all structures, forms and proportion. The Golden Spiral can be observed all around us, be it in trees, music or in the human body; and has been widely employed in art and architecture since its discovery.



The Golden Heart is made up of two elements: a base and a heart-shaped sculpture. The base symbolises a universal spring where all life originates. From this base grows a tree – a heart-shaped frame composed of two Golden Spirals. The heart-shaped sculpture has a pure scientific meaning, melded with cubes of dimensions following the Fibonacci sequence. It also encompasses an aesthetic significance, with the cubes, representing fruits, hanging from the perfectly proportioned and shaped “branches”. Golden Heart is a thought-provoking sculpture, showcasing the perfect harmony of science and art. More than just a piece of art, it captures Bensen’s respect and passion for the two disciplines in life.

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